Wednesday, October 5, 2022

“I know I have caused a lot of people pain” – Burna Boy speaks on turning a new leaf

Grammy award winner, Burna Boy, apologizes to the conscience of his acquaintances in the past as he preaches on being a changed individual.


The singer took to his Instastory to emphasize the silent battles people go through and how it is humane to be mindful of the kind of words spoken at them.

Talking about turning a new leaf, Burna Boy swore to be more responsible in his actions and words towards the people around him.

“That person your looking at right now
• that stranger ur sitting next to on the bus or anywhere,
Even that person you laugh and joke with whenever u meet
They could be going through the worst kind of hell and you will not know until they are gone.
I know I have caused people pain in my past but I swear on everything. For my remaining days in this world, I will always mean it from the bottom of my heart when I ask “How are you doing?” and I will always be the cause of joy
to others no matter what,” he wrote.

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