Monday, April 12, 2021


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I’m African,
Permit me to rewind life or go back
That life started from black
Black is my tone
Black is my bone
Black is my source
Black is my resource
Black is my world
Black are my words
Pardon my black repetition
Pardon my black emotions
From black dust I was made
Wore black attitude like a pomade
You might hate me
But it doesn’t change me
The call us vultures
Talk down on our culture
They call us apes
That we live in caves
We’re proud Monkeys
Our pride is the key
Vandalized our tradition
Material objects for commission
They pollute our sanity
With colourless inanity
Blind folded our community
Introduction of disunity
Engaged us with chains
Weeping crude in pains
Official manipulation
Made blur our perspection
Entanglement with our females
Corruption came through the email
Catalyst of racism
Possessed my people with nepotism
Naked genocism
Incessant criticism
Pain was our tribulation
Black is our redemption
Revolutional emancipation
Nelson Mandela’s evolution
Kwame Nkrumah’s loath for tribalism
Generational Pan- Africanism
A strive for the African kingdom
To earn indigenous freedom
Our strength assisted civilization
Realizational constipation
We grow from monkeys to panthers
Large capacity for banters
Genetic antique
Our ways are unique
Black is our truth
Black is our root
Black are our values
Black is our muse
Black is our wildlife
Even in next life
I’m African.

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Do You Have News, Stories, Articles You Want To Share With The World? Send It To Us On Whatsapp via +2348100907817


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