IN GHANA: Nana Aba Anamoah’s Aunt Scolds Her, Gives Her List Of Things From Ghana To Bring To UK

Nana Aba Anamoah's Aunt Scolds Her, Gives Her List Of Things From Ghana To Bring To UK

Nana Aba Anamoah has shared a list of items her Auntie Baaba would like for her to bring from Ghana to London

In the tall list, her aunt asked for Waakye specifically from Adabraka, maggi cube, among other items

The conversation between Nana Aba and her Auntie Baaba has got many analysing and sharing hilarious comments

Ace broadcaster and General Manager of GHOneTv and StarrFM, Nana Aba Anamoah has found herself being engulfed by her aunt’s demands.

Nana Aba posted a video on an exquisite flight to an unknown destination. However per the conversation she had with her aunt, it looked like she was headed to London.

In the conversation she shared on her official Twitter page, Auntie Baaba wanted a list of items from Ghana to be brought to her in London.

It looked like Auntie Baaba truly misses Ghana and certain elements which cannot be found on the shores of London.

Starting off her list of demands with, “Aba my darling niece” many people begun to share laughing emojis at the tone Auntie Baaba started the conversation with.

Auntie Baaba said:

Aba my darling niece. Your auntie needs maggi cube, tea bread, Adabraka waakye (freeze it) and prekese.
In shock, Nana Aba replied with “Ahhhh” and Auntie Baaba responded like a typical Ghanaian individual with the common local exclamation, “Fiiiii”.

Fiiiii. Don’t come to London without them. I’ll starve you.
Her auntie then went on to add citrus drink, Vimto to the list of items which Nana Aba had to bring to London.

She then urged her to reduce the number of outings while in London since she has to babysit her cousins.

And reduce the number of times you’ll be frolicking. Your cousins need you at home.

Some hilarious comments on the chemistry between Nana Aba Anamoah and her auntie

Vawulence all over.

It’s the Fiiiii for me Auntie Baaba is that typical Ghanaian auntie

This auntie Baaba writes and sounds like you.

She actually started with “…my darling niece.” Never fall for it

Freeze the waakye oo, don’t forget.

“I’ve changed my mind I won’t travel”

The adabraka waakye is a necessity

My only question is ,where is this Adabraka Waakye exactly? I’m curious I must eat some . Please who knows?

From “Aba my darling”to “I’ll starve you, stupid girl” real fvcking quick!!! I pray for times like this to auntie like this.

I love your kind of family

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