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IN SOUTH AFRICA: A look into Faith Nketsi’s house

Mzansi reality TV star, Faith Nketsi, aka Queen Twerk is a self-made young successful woman who has built herself up from a humble beginning and she is currently at the top.

Known for her perfectly shaped body that she dresses in expensive designer clothes, her sleek machines, and her exotic vacations, everything about Faith Nketsi exudes a taste for fine expensive things, and she has also applied this taste to her house.

Faith Nketsi
Faith Nketsi

Here is a look at all the details about Faith Nketsi’s house including the rumours that the socialite is selling her house.

Details about Faith Nketsi’s house

Although Faith Nketsi often shares photos of herself at her house or outside her house, she has managed to keep details about it very private and it’s not clear how much it costs or how many rooms it has.

The star however revealed that her house is located in Hyde Park in December 2021 after she also revealed that her man had bought a house one kilometer away from her house so he would be close to her.

From some of the photos that the beautiful reality star has shared, however, it is clear that her taste for the finer things in life doesn’t just stop at her clothes and cars, she has displayed this touch of class in the design and furnishing of her house.

Faith Nketsi’s house is elegantly furnished with a touch of modernity that plays with just black and white. The walls of the downstairs living room are painted crisp white and the room has dark grey couches and carpet that breaks the white monotony of the room.

Faith Nketsi
Faith Nketsi

In addition to her living room Faith Nketsi has also shared a few photos of herself in her kitchen and it’s absolutely beautiful. She has a spacious kitchen that is fully fitted with modern appliances.

Did Faith Nketsi put her house up for sale?

A few weeks ago, reports that Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo was in financial trouble came to light. His financial woes have been building up since June when he was arrested for allegedly defrauding his business partner of about R1 million.

Following the court hearing of the fraud case, Nzuzo Njilo’s accusers were granted a high court order to attach and auction off Nzuzo Njilo’s movable properties in order to recover their money.

On the 19th of August 2022, City Press reported that debt collectors had visited Nzuzo Njilo and Faith Nketsi’s house but were only able to recover items worth about R350 000. It’s also reported that the businessman pleaded poverty as he asked to be spared by the shylocks.

On the 23rd of August 2022, Fresh Trendz reported that Faith Nketsi was reportedly selling her house and had even had it listed on Property 24. While this has not been verified by the Queen Twerk, some of her fans quickly came to her defense with some pointing out that perhaps the house was just not child-friendly and since the couple now has a child, perhaps they were looking to upgrade to a suitable house for their newborn.


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