IN SOUTH AFRICA: Black Coffee and Enhle saga: Somizi clears air on fake account

South African Media Personality, Somizi Mhlongo has come out to officially clear the air on Facebook account bearing his name which is not his.

He, however, came out to set the record straight on the fake account which ignited a Twitter storm that dragged DJ Black Coffee and actress Enhle Mbali onto the trends list as people had a field day about their failed marriage.

As seen, the fake Facebook account shared a lengthy post in which he or she compared Black Coffee and Enhle’s relationship to the controversial “open relationship” exposé about Jada and Will Smith.

The post claimed that women never take responsibility for the damage they bring to a marriage.

Somizi had to come clear his name and make it known that the savage post wasn’t from him and that it was a case of cyber identity theft.

He said: “People have energy … my real account on Facebook is Somizi Buyani.”

However, Somizi is on a verge of leaving social media permanently as he is surprised to see so many fake Facebook accounts in his name.

“Facebook is having a field day with fake accounts using my name … these are just 4 of many … My only account is Somizi Buyani, which I’m on the verge of completely discontinuing if this problem is not fixed this time,” he said.

Check out the fake account below:


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