IN SOUTH AFRICA: Black Coffee on divorce – “I don’t feel I owe anyone anything”


SA superstar, Black Coffee says he owes no-one after being trolled over divorce with Enhle Mbali.

Months ago, it was rumored that the duo had split but few weeks ago, Enhle took to social media to confirm the news. Afterwards, the DJ also affirmed, saying it’s a court issue and they need their privacy.

However, some tweeps took the instructions for granted and trolled Black Coffee.

Reacting to the cyberbullying and troll during an interview on YFM this week, he said:

“It’s got to a point where I feel that sometimes it is trolling. I look at some tweets that come to me and I feel like if I had tweeted that to someone else, I would be cancelled,” he said.

“With everything that has been going on in my personal life, and even though we have all made statements saying this is a private matter, people will still come because they feel entitled.”

“I don’t feel I owe anyone anything. I am not the first person to be in this situation. No-one is dead. No-one is abused. Nothing terrible happened. We just decided this is where we want to be. But the public feel they should have a say, to a point where it is sometimes disrespectful.”

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