IN SOUTH AFRICA: Gogo Maweni EXPOSES baby daddy, SK Khoza

Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza

It seems there is no peace any time soon for the former The Queen actor!

The only thing Gogo Maweni does not shy away from doing is dragging her estranged baby daddy SK Khoza wherever she is. The two share a son together, but SK has been accused of neglecting his father’s duties.

In an interview with award-winning rapper Gigi LaMayne on her podcast, Point of View with Gigi, Gogo Maweni claimed she had a video of SK taking drugs. The traditional healer said she wouldn’t release the video because it could tarnish his reputation.

“I got a video of you taking drugs in the bathroom. I can tarnish him if I wanted to. I chose not to do that, I chose to keep quiet when everybody said I am looking for clout.”

Gogo Maweni recently accused SK of not paying papgeld and she said she promised to remind him every time she sees him.


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