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IN SOUTH AFRICA: Lira says she is healing after suffering a stroke

Lerato Molapo whose stage name is Lira resumed social media for the first time this year 2023, and shared updates about her health.

The singer announced suffering a stroke last year and it took her months to recover.

Lira’s speech was affected and she’s been trying to heal while taking things slowly.

Taking to Instagram upon resuming social media, Lerato says her speech healing is slow, but she’s doing everything to remain sane.

“Complements of the new year! I haven’t posted this year. My speech healing is very slow, I’m doing the best I can to remain sane. I’m still alive and well. I wish great health, prosperity and love,” she captioned post.

She also shared a video clip detailing all she’s been doing while she was off social media.

See video below:


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