IN SOUTH AFRICA: Looks Like Siko sisters Finally find themselves a foreign husband

Siko Twins
Siko Twins

After a long search, twin sisters Olwethu and Owami Siko (32) have found a potential husband.

His name is Bonjour, but they would not disclose his surname.

He is from Maputo in Mozambique, but lives in Mzansi and owns several businesses in the country and in Maputo. Olwethu said they met Bonjour at Sandton City.

“We were having coffee at a restaurant and he happened to be there. He wasn’t necessarily looking for a partner and we weren’t looking either.

“He merely approached us on a friendly basis. He didn’t even know who we are and that impressed us.

“So when he asked for our details, we told him to Google us. One thing led to another and the rest is history. We are happily in love,” she said.

She said they are done with South African men.

“We’ve dated South African men and they failed us. For this reason, we decided to start dating outside South African borders.

“Right now we are happy. We are treated right and getting all the love. He is our match.

“We feel he was brought by our ancestors. Everything feels natural. It feels like we’ve known him for years.

“But most importantly, he believes in polygamy. His father had four wives, so he understands polygamy very well,” explained Olwethu.

The Siko twins, who starred in the reality show Twice as Bold, said they have already met Bonjour’s family.

“We’ve already met our in-laws and they were excited to see us. We actually went to Mozambique and stayed with them for five days from Wednesday, 7 December to Monday, 12 December. “This is a big sign that he is serious about us,” said Owami.

She said when they met Bonjour, he was not in a relationship.

“He had a girlfriend, but they broke up a month before he met us. He has no child. This is also why we decided to show his face to the public, we felt comfortable and we knew we wouldn’t be offending anyone. For now, we are enjoying our privacy and we don’t want to expose him to the media hence we are not mentioning his surname or his businesses,” she said.


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