IN SOUTH AFRICA: Major League DJz’ Bandile expecting first child

Bandile Mbere

Major League DJz’ Bandile Mbere will be welcoming his first child soon with his girlfriend, Nomalanga Shozi.

Nomalanga shocked South Africans last week after debuting her baby bump, but many were unaware about the father of the yet to be born child, which raised curiosity in the minds of fans.

According to Daily Sun, the lovers will have the baby shower event broadcast on BET.

A snippet was aired last week, and the 27-year-old TV host appreciated people who graced the event.

“I appreciate each and every one of you who are in attendance here tonight. This means absolutely everything to me,” she said.

“We might be looking bright and shiny on the outside but on the inside, this is the most permanent thing I will probably ever do in my life.”
“I know Bandile likes to joke a lot but it’s quite a serious thing that you guys made the time to be here.”

“I appreciate all of you,” she said.

“In terms of being a mum and dad, it’s a new one for us but as they say in this industry ‘next script please’. We’ll just get into it and put our backs into it. We’ll do our best to make each of you proud.”

“I know you are already proud but I think the real challenge now is what we do with this.”

She unintentionally revealed the baby’s gender, saying they are expecting a girl.


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