IN SOUTH AFRICA: Makhadzi celebrates building 4 houses at age 25


Makhadzi is excited for being able to build 4 houses at the age of 25.

The singer took to social media to celebrated her achievement at such a young age.

The hitmaker made it known that she’s a house owner, and she built one for her grandparent. She also built a house each for her dad and mom who are living separately.

Caring for the family is the singer’s utmost priority.

“The first time I entered to my house I took this picture … my dream came true and I am proud of my self .I built my grandmother a house 🏡 just because my mom and father separated I decided to not choose but to built them two different houses. Now I bought MY OWN HOUSE!”

“Hey listen !iam 25 years and managed to built 4 houses 🏠 congratulations to my self NDITOFPFI MUFUKADZI WA VHUTALI. My dream was to see my parents and my grandmother living a better life , I didn’t care about wearing expecive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and hide hunger. and god choose me to make a different . When you pray and work hard everything is possible,” she added.


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