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IN SOUTH AFRICA: Rapper Reason calls out AKA

Thanks to the likes of Big Zulu with his diss track challenge, K.O with Sete and Cassper Nyovest being, well, Cassper Nyovest. The recent weeks have seen Hip-Hop come back to the forefront of music as it is currently dominating the local charts.

One song in particular which is popular, is the recent release by AKA titled Lemons (Lemonade) featuring Nasty C. While many have been in celebration of the song as it marked AKA’s comeback following less than stellar releases like You’re Welcome and Bhovamania. Someone, Reason a.k.a Sizwe Alakine seemed touched by the single.

AKA in recent months seemed to be in his “purist” bag. From making it clear that he would not release a response diss track to Big Zulu’s 150 Bars due to his belief that beef should be real in order to earn a response. To his assertion that he would not go into Amapiano as some other Hip-Hop artists have done in order to remain relevant.

A fact he felt so strongly about that on his new single, that was ajab he took by stating, “Thank God they showed their true colours/ Switched up piano like Vultures.” While on the surface and for fans that have spent the past decade watching AKA’s “beef” with Cassper Nyovest, would have thought that that jab was directed at him. Reason has other ideas, as he called out AKA (by tagging him) on his series of posts to ask who was that line directed to.

Reason, as a rapper, found moderate success during his earlier days. But before his jump to Amapiano, he was more known for being the baby-daddy to Luthando “LootLove” Shosha’s twins and a still up and coming rapper as his previous hits would not classify as classics and were not being played anymore. A fact which meant that he did not gig anymore.

As a result, when he jumped on Amapiano, he would find a new wave of fans and success. A fact which has made him bookable and busy again. It is for this reason that comments on the tweet questioned why he was so touched by the lyric when he could have just moved on. Other comments on the other hand went for his neck as they reiterated that he was a sell out as suggested by AKA.

In response, Reason affirmed to have taken offence. Moreover, he highlighted that despite being in Amapiano, that he is still a rapper’s rapper and that is why he was so touched in his stu.

AKA is yet to respond. That is if he does respond. However, we do look forward to the response should Mega decide to revert to his old-Twitter classic self who always loved a good back and forth on the Twitter streets. But who knows, maybe he will not and choose peace as he has done recently.


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