IN SOUTH AFRICA: Sbahle Mpisane on regaining memory – “I know who was responsible for my accident”

Sbahle Mpisane

Fitness bunnie journeys through regaining her memory and she’s close to getting all past event back to memory.

Speaking with DRUM, the star who survived a ghastly accident in 2018 says she knows who is responsible for her accident and wants him to reach out too her.

“I’ve regained 90% of my memory. I would often go to the scene where the accident happened to try to recall what happened.”

“I am so angry because I want him to reach out to me or to at least ask me how I’m doing. I am 100% certain about what happened, I know who was responsible for my accident.

“The past three weeks I’ve been very emotional, not because of the guy but because I’ve been reflecting a lot on what has happened and I am grateful,” she told DRUM.

Sbahle further revealed that she has something big to announce on the 1st of December and it’s going to excite her fans.


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