IN SOUTH AFRICA: Sithelo Shozi leaks private messages with Shauwn Mkhize

Sithelo Shozi

South African DJ, Sithelo Shozi continues to fight her way to ‘justice’ following the official statement released by Royal AM founder Shauwn Mkhize. The Durban-based DJ Sithelo Shozi has leaked some DMs between her and Shauwn who pleads for them to meet up so they can sort out an “issue”.

Sithelo revealed that she had suffered various forms of abuse allegedly at the hands of her baby daddy, Andile Mpisane. She included his entire family when she said they all apparently witnessed one incident and they even rushed her to the hospital.

Releasing a statement addressing the issue, Shauwn said her family never witnessed any abuse and that her allegations are defamatory.

“I have been made aware of allegations made against my son, Andile Mpisane by Sithole Shozi on her Instagram account,” the statement starts. “I do not take lightly these accusations given my history and strong stance against gender-based violence. I do not and will never condone violence in any form or nature.”

“I would like to categorically state that neither myself nor my family have been witness to any alleged abuse. These allegations are false and defamatory. Given the nature, severity, and extent of these allegations, the matter has been referred to our legal team. It’s of the utmost importance that the law takes its course,” she said.


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Sithelo shared clips from a phone call between her and Andile where he shouts at her saying she will never amount to anything in life. He also apparently says she will forever remain beneath him.

Sithelo said she does not like talking about her private life, “I am not one to speak about anything concerning my private life. More especially where my kids are involved. But everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far. I have been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of my peace but today I will not be silenced.”

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