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IN SOUTH AFRICA: Social media slams actress Zenande Mfenyana


Actress Zenande Mfenyana has been told to do some self-introspection. She recently complained that people hate her and that she’s now used to it.

It is not clear what triggered the post as she wrote: “I’ve grown so accustomed to being hated. I don’t know how to receive love anymore.”

But her followers were not feeling sorry for her, instead, they told her to get off her high horse.

Mbali Ngcobo recalled one of the incidents and wrote: “I met you once and it was more than enough… I loved you from your Generations character. You stayed at a hotel I worked in for quite some time with the cast. One day the lift opened and there you were. While I was star struck, you said ‘are you gonna get in or not.’”

Azanian commented: “If this is how you really feel then you gonna have to take the harsh truth from those hidden replies sisi. People who have met you in person complain about you being rude and treating them like they stink. People generally like you up until they meet you, I think.”

Nthabi said: “Until that lady introspects and practice kindness, she’ll always receive that kind of energy from people. The fact that she’s hiding replies means she’s still in denial about her behaviour.”

She has since deleted the post.

The publication tried to reach out to her and she refused to comment. “I am minding the baby so I cannot speak,” she said before dropping the phone.


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