IN SOUTH AFRICA: Sophie Lichaba – “My husband is still getting messages from silly women”

Sophie Lichaba

Actress, Sophie Lichaba appreciates her husband’s love despite messages he receives from “silly” women.

In 2019, the actress was rumored to be dead but she slammed the false news saying she’s only battling with diabetes and not dead.

However, during an interview with TshishaLIVE, Sophie said her husband stood and still stands by her during hard-times, making the marriage work.

“My husband is still getting messages from silly women saying, ‘That woman is not for you, she’s dying’. But I am better, so you understand it’s a constant fight with the world too.”

“It’s up to you as a couple to make things work … spending quality time will make things work. It’s an open contract of love.”

“Imagine a man or woman who will love you in obesity, anorexia and depression. The person you are now … that’s what it means surviving situations together as one.”

On Valentine’s day, Sophie celebrated her man and further revealed that they renewed their wedding vows.

“When you renewed our wows and sealed it with a new set of rings recently I know in your heart of hearts you are saying what you said when you proposed, this morning was that day we cuddled and remembered God is in control and rules our love and we live it,” she captioned post on social media.

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