IN SOUTH AFRICA: Thando Thabethe spills reason for departing 5FM

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Thando Thabethe

Thando Thabethe shook listeners with the news of her resignation from 5FM in March, 2020.

However, the radio personality has revealed reason for such decision.

Thando said her show was cancelled and was the last to hear about it. It was an insult to her 11 years career. Though, she was offered a slot back, but she declined because she might get victimized by the same people.

“On Friday 28 Feb I had a meeting with the PM who let me know that the show was renewed, as per our annual negotiations. I then tried to negotiate a raise of R200 an hour. At this point he had agreed for me to take 2 weeks leave to shoot housekeepers,” she tweeted.

“At this point I hear that the replacement of the show had already been notified and so had my current team mates. Note: I was the last to find out that my very own show no longer existed!!!”

“Fast foward the following Monday I hear that the Thabooty drive will be no longer as it doesn’t fit into the 2/5 year plan of the SABC. This info I hear from colleagues or people on my show.”

“I to this day am not privy of why the show was given and days later taken from me, without notice. I believe I am not the first neither will I be the last to experience this by the SABC.”

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