In the movie musical ‘Annette,’ Rihanna was almost cast opposite Adam Driver (and a puppet).


In Annette, the movie musical starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, Rihanna came close to playing opposite a puppet.

According to director Leos Carax, there was a little role written for the singer in the Ron Mael and Russell Mael script.


Carax explained, “It was a short segment written just for her.” “She was supposed to play Rihanna,” says the actor.

The story follows Henry (Driver) and Ann (Cotillard), a stand-up comedian and opera singer who marry and have a child.

“They marry and she soon falls pregnant, sparking visions of blood-drenched childbirth and a baby with a gaudy clown face,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter’s top film reviewer David Rooney in his review.

That child is Annette, who is represented by a magnificent Pinocchio-like wooden puppet with features that are both innocent and inscrutable yet unexpectedly expressive.” Annette goes on to become a famous singer, and Rihanna would have played a fellow performer threatened by the young star, according to Carax.

“But suddenly Rihanna feels upstaged by this infant,” according to early rumors about the film, but her agent later stated that she was no longer a part of the cast. The moment was deleted from the film rather than Rihanna being replaced, according to Carax.

Annette is played by a puppet until the film’s last scene, when Devyn McDowell takes over the role and sings a song with Driver.

Annette, which was released in theaters on Friday, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where Carax won best director, and will be available for streaming on Amazon later this month.


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