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Jeezy’s Wife Jeannie Mai Temporarily Quits “Dancing with the Stars” Due to Health Issue

Jeannie Mai’s dancing dreams have come to an abrupt end sadly due to a life threatening health condition.

The talk show host was amongst the 15 celebrities who had aspirations to be crowned as the winner of this season’s Dancing With The Stars, but sadly it was not meant to be. After performing reasonably well throughout the season, which began eight weeks ago, Jeannie and her partner Brandon Armstrong were forced to withdraw after Jeannie Mai developed a life-threatening condition that required urgent surgery.

According to Good Morning America, the 41-year-old was diagnosed with epiglottitis which makes it difficult to breathe due to inflammation and swelling of the cartilage above the windpipe known as the epiglottis. Jeannie, who is currently in hospital, said in a statement that she is heartbroken not to be able to continue her DWTS journey, while a rep for the show said, “Jeannie has inspired us, along with millions of fans, with her energy and dedication.”

Although leaving the competition is undoubtedly upsetting for The Real co-host, her recovery will afford her time to plan her upcoming wedding(s) to Jeezy. The pair got engaged in March this year and are arranging two ceremonies in order to keep the family peace. “My mom being Vietnamese wants a very Vietnamese traditional wedding. She wants Jay, my fiancé, to wear the Vietnamese garb and to do some of the Vietnamese practices like the tea ceremony,” Jeannie told Access Hollywood, while she and the “Put On” rapper are more keen on pizza and including some of the routines that Jeannie learnt on the dancing show.

The television personality also raised some eyebrows about her forthcoming nuptials by saying on The Real that she wanted to submit to her husband. After receiving backlash over the comment, Jeannie clarified her remarks on IG by saying, “By giving the power to have someone lead in your life is power in itself. The power to relinquish control. You ‘willingly submit’ not ‘forcibly submit.’”

Get this, Jeannie Mai recently called Jeezy her husband prompting some specualtions that they might’ve already tied the knot secretly. Even T.I. was surprised by the move so perhaps TIP will asked Jeezy about that in their upcoming Verzuz battle.



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