Kelvynboy: Musician says he Became Richer and Popular After Leaving Stonebwoy

Kelvynboy and Stonebwoy

– Kelvynboy has revealed that he has become richer and more popular after leaving Stonewboy’s Burniton record label

– He said contrary to what people think, he has made more money and is now known by more people

– Kelvynboy is unperturbed about what people say about him as he is so focused on his career

– Ghanaians are divided on his revelation as some have praised and others criticised him

A former signee of Stonebwoy’s Burniton Record Label, Kelvynboy, has revealed that he has made more money and earned fame after he left his former boss.

In a new video sightted by Naijahotstars, Kelvynboy sad contrary to what people say that he is struggling and has become poor after leaving Stonebwoy, everything is rather going so well for him.

He said those who have been making those comments about him don’t really know him and what he is up to, therefore, they can say whatever he wants.

Kelvynboy admitted that the hullabaloo generated with his former boss affected him but positively.

He stressed that people’s perception of him would not affect him in any way.

His revelation in the video has left his fans divided as some have hailed him while others criticised him.

Benjamin, for instance, agreed with Kelvynboy:

benjamin_ololo: “That is true.”

Lime also could not agree more:

icecream_limerickgh: “Very True , I really like his character. Bad boy on the real.”

Princess also supported him:

princess_arhqosuarh: “damn straight.”

Boys boys dad, however, accused Kelvynboy of being proud and arrogant:


Clamzy also asked Kelvynboy to focus on his career and stop talking about Stonebwoy:

djclamzy: “Focus on your die career and stop talking about stonebwoy wai….Too much smoking and drinking will help you to say nonsense always #jon28.”

Phlorence said it was bad for Kelvynboy to speak in that manner about Stoneboy, through him Ghanaians got to know him:

akwadaapaphlorence: “It was through stonebwoy dat ghanaians got to know u . Show some appreciation boy .”

Meanwhile, Kelvynboy was sacked by Stonebwoy nearly two years ago after he was accused of being disrespectful.

He is on record to have said that no musician in Ghana does original Dancemall music, not even his boss.

This and other reasons led to Stonebwoy booting him out from his record label.


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