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Kenneth Oodee – Lonely Hour

Lonely Hour By Kenneth Oodee 


Wish you could see my heart
That i don’t intend to depart
Despite how you treated me
And the endless lies you told me
I wasn’t so curious to judge
I’m not harbouring any grudge
My friends wanted you gone
Your errors I still pardon

I did lots of things for you
You did lots of things for him
Your pretence covered everything
Your lies exposed everything
You told me you traveled
In his arms,your been cuddled
Pretty lips
Pretty lies

Now he’s done with you
He’s no longer with you
You found out he’s married
The truth made you bleed
Now you want me back
Despite the emotional crack
Shameful to look at you
That I lost myself to you

Told my friends I’m always busy
Yet I saved days for you
You’re a blessing or lesson or both
Pain was my undergrowth
I still love you
But I use to love you more
I don’t want to go
Can’t stay either

Stucked between letting go and oh no
Bittersweet memories still flows
On the bed all day is where you dwell
With your pillow,hoping to get well
Still missing you
But the sun misses you more
Now I’m on my way,
On my way further

Cause I’ve stayed enough
Regardless, whether the road’s rough
Hope you don’t drown in your tears
Or get lost in your fears
They say time heals
Been four weeks,your still bleeding
Its never gets better with time
We only get better with time

Thinking more than you should
Drinking more than you should
That won’t make you to forget
Neither will it make you mistakes correct
Locked yourself in the room
Thinking ’bout life from the womb
The flashback cuts
The pain also hurts

A hung rope is your only legacy
Depression is your only ecstasy
That ambulance came too soon
Rumour has it you left too soon
Tears of death filled up her room
Dust of pain filled up her tomb
‘Till we meet again’, that song sounds familiar
R.I.P little miss Annabel Maria

Lonely Hour – Written by Kenneth Oodee


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