Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kenneth Oodee – Racism

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Kenneth Oodee – Racism

Night has stolen our day
To exist, we need to pay
Our rainbow has turned red
Our hopes are cold dead
Our sleep is certain
If we’ll wake, is uncertain

Life is beyond white and black
That consciousness is off track
Humanity seems to lack
And this is our setback
Love driven by complexion
Boundaries pioneering affection

Judgements behind opinions
Subduing other colours to minions
Discrimination, son of greed
Destruction is their creed
Fighting who is not your enemy
Fear, seem to be a frenemy

Truth hidden in denial
Justice facing trial
Lack of racial freedom
Freedom controlled by politics
Politics cloned by colonialism
Colonialism stole our birthright

Birthright out of human right
Human right is now monetized
The only truth that eludes revolution
No adjustment written in any constitution
Segregations handling over awards
No manipulation is ever on record

Blind folded historical facts
Masking their ugly acts
Preaching peace,after they attack
Truth, an official prank
Preferential treatment
Stereotypical maltreatment

Civilized slavery
Archaic robbery
Racial nepotism
Generational egotism
Psychological manipulation
Illusional affliction

A little retaliation, they convict us
Free ride to the corrections
Guilty as charged, our only justice
Killed by the law that vowed to protect us
Exonerate our lost innocent ones
Lost in the hands of racism that cost us

It never seems better
The future tastes bitter
It has become a culture
Jealousy, the architecture
Fear of dominance
Strength and wealth is their annoyance

Our lives are customized
Our liberty is antagonized
Pain is memorized
Corruption is realized
Tribulation was analyzed
Still revenge is never idolized

Peace is priceless
Violence won’t justify our madness
Still silence won’t glorify our humility
Nor will forgetfulness applaud simplicity
When the storm brings it’s cold
Let our sun reminds us there’s hope

Our independence is vital
For love to be reciprocal
Love is inevitable
If truth is undeniable
Humanity must be freed
Cause same blood we bleed


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