Lil Wayne’s song “Mrs. Officer” was a pretty big hit back in the day and much of the success of the track was attributed to the likes of Kidd Kidd who provided a standout feature. Curiously, Kidd Kidd – who was a mentee of Lil Wayne at the time – was completely left out of the video. Kidd Kidd was rightfully upset about this and eventually had a falling out with Wayne.

Recently, Kidd Kidd spoke about the feud on the “Uncensored Truth Podcast” where he went in-depth on how he felt about the slight. He also went on to say that he had no idea the video was being filmed and that despite voicing his concerns, Wayne’s team remained upset at him.

“That’s what caused the split between me and Wayne.  Everybody knew my voice and the music,  but nobody knew my face.  As big as [‘Mrs. Officer’] was, me being in that video would have taken me to superstar status.  I felt like me not being in the video — we gotta talk.  At the time, he was on his high horse.  And I’m like ‘look, I can’t come around like it’s all good like, I can’t do that.’  We gotta talk about this.”

The artist did go on to say that he made a whole lot of cash from “Mrs. Officer” and that these days, he and Wayne are perfectly cool. Regardless, being left out of that video couldn’t have felt particularly good.