Kim Kardashian Reveals Brutal Group Chat Named “Not Kourtney” During Fight With Sister

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Kim Kardashian and Kourtney

The claws really came out in the latest episode of The Kardashians. The main drama focused on Kim Kardashian using Kourtney’s wedding to debut a collab with Dolce & Gabbana.

Kourtney, and several other members of the family, believe that Kim stole Kourtney’s thunder. Meanwhile, Kim maintains that she did nothing wrong. This all came to a head in the latest episode of the show. During a phone argument, Kim revealed that Kourtney’s friends often call Kim and other family members to complain about her behavior and attitude. She went as far as to say there is even a group chat simply named “Not Kourtney”.

Meanwhile, Kourtney hit back with claims that Kim was an “egotistical, selfish, fucking witch” and that she “didn’t need you [the family].” While Kim tried to deflect the blame as much as she could, Kourtney really sunk her claws in. “You are a narcissist,” she told her sister. “Anything you do, it’s about you and about how it looks to the world about you.” Furthermore, Kourtney said she was “happy” until Kim called and told Kim to “take her out of the episode” because she “doesn’t give a fuck what the world thinks.”

Tasha K Attacks Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, Kim has been under attack from notorious blogger Tasha K. Tasha called Kardashian a “baby mama” who has “been with most of Hollywood”. Tasha exaggerated just a little, saying Kardashian has “nine kids or something”. Kardashian has four children. Furthermore, Tasha also argued that Kardashian lost her relevancy after her divorce from Kanye West. Of course, it’s a very bold take from a person only famous for making inflammatory remarks about rich celebrities.

Furthermore, most people saw the take as a big reach from Tasha. “Kim that’s in the new season of AHS?! Kim that was just on the cover of a magazine?! Like wtf is she talking about😂😂,” one Instagram user said. “Tasha K relevance is at an all time low. She’s being sued and still in rich ppl business. Girl go look a new career,” another shot back at the blogger. “Kim has done major campaigns for fashion brands. Her show is on its 72nd season and she’s currently on another show. Her relevancy is just fine. Especially compared to someone who sits on there broom closet recorded themselves with a Teams meeting background,” someone else compared.

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