Kodak Black Takes Date To Hockey Game, Gets Accused Of Having S3x In VIP Section: Report

kodak Black
kodak Black

Some say the rapper and his date were having fun while she was twerking on him while others allege they were having sex in the luxury box.

When it comes to his dating life, Kodak Black has his own way of moving. Within the last two years alone, Kodak has surfaced with several women and that doesn’t count those that he shamelessly flirts with on social media. He has publicly fawned over both Zendaya and Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina, but that doesn’t even include his “engagement” to Mellow Rackz and the woman he’s reportedly currently expecting a child with.

Many rappers carry on lifestyles that include dating or romancing multiple women at one time, some under the guise of polyamory and others who simply don’t want to be committed to one woman.

Kodak Black
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

It looks as if Kodak was out and about again because he was spotted at a hockey game with a date. His lucky lady posted videos of her escapades sitting rinkside as Kodak was seen smiling from ear to ear, but this was a date unlike any other. Aside from the clips of them posing for the cameras, someone enjoying the game from the other side of the rink captured the woman bent over in front of Kodak during the game.

Some have tweeted about the incident with claims that the couple was having sex, however, there are other reports that she was just twerking on him. A video clearly shows that they they were just grinding, albeit awkwardly, but they were both clothed. People nearby couldn’t help but stare because this is probably the first time they have seen anything like this in hockey.

Check it out for yourself below.





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