“Ladies stop dating men you know can’t take care of you” – Actress, Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson 2

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has urged women to stick with only men that can afford to take care of them the way they want.

Lydia Forson took to her microblogging platform to share her thoughts concerning men that go after women they cannot afford.

According to the actress, people should learn to cut their coats according to their sizes, hence, should meet people within their financial capabilities.

Here’s what she tweeted;

“People, let’s all cut our coat according to our sizes. If you can’t afford it don’t go after who’re clear about the money- Its not by force.

And ladies stop worrying men you know can’t take care of you the way you want. Make we all dey our lane…Everyday” girls like money but Adjoa is there, she doesn’t want a Ranger Rover and is ok with the little you have, but naaaaa you must go for Esi that wants things you cant to provide”

But is it by force to take people on dates you can’t afford? Why ask someone out, give them the liberty to pick where they want to go, and lament over where they picked and how much? When you could have just planned for a walk on the beach or something you can afford. Lol

I always make sure I have enough money to pay for my own meal when someone takes me out on a date. It makes me confident knowing it’s something I can afford so I don’t feel like I owe him anything if he decides to act up. Don’t take people to places you can’t afford yourself.

If you ask someone out on a date( or even just to hang out) assume that they don’t have money. Because they were sitting there somewhere and you asked. If you don’t have much yourself, make this known or find something within your budget.”


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