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“Ladies, there’s no shame in the number of men you’ve slept with” – Media personality, Shade Ladipo

Nigerian OAP Shade Ladipo has posited that women should not be ashamed of the number of men they have slept with as she opines that sex-shaming is as old as Methuselah.


She further urges women to hold their heads up high as they recount the number of men they have slept with.

According to her, it was just sex, which everyone is liable to, hence, no need to be utter embarrassed about their sexual life.

She wrote:
“You see that thing when you try to shame a woman by saying You wey f•Pis so so and so Yeah Ms old.
Ladies, there’s no shame in how many people you have slept with. sex-shaming especially when done to women is older than Methuselah. Ladies pis hold us head high na fuck u fuck you no do Chidinma”

@the_joker_ledger wrote: Them suppose to open new office for ds lady as l!e month’s HR close to each other fa 😂, she [email protected] too much

@iniee_beauty wrote: God forbid there’s shame in turning my private part a market square, I don’t support this mbok.

@josepheena wrote; There is a shame, it’s wrong to sleep with too many people don’t let anybody deceive you, you will put yourself at risk spiritually and health-wise, be that girl that’s is hard to sleep with,I promise you there is dignity in that fr!!!


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