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Learn To How to Create an Amazing Facebook Post with DesignCap

Using images in your web marketing strategies appropriately means that you can leverage the reader’s emotions and capture it, perhaps convert it into a customer.

You are not a professional graphic designer, and maybe you do not have a budget to spend on making images for your blog, your social pages, your business cards, and more.

On the web, there are dozens of free and paid tools that can help you create beautiful graphics in a simple and intuitive way.

Today I want to present to you what I think is one of the best online applications for the realization of your graphic projects. It is easy to use with an intuitive interface and lots of tools at your disposal.

If you are not familiar with Photoshop (software specialized in photo processing and, more generally, digital images), DesignCap is the right resource for you. It is a powerful online graphic editor where you can create images for all your needs without having to be an expert graphic designer. No design skills or complex software are required.

What can you do with DesignCap?
Whether you need a story or a post on Instagram, Facebook headers, create a logo, create invitations, create a poster, a banner, or the header of your email, with DesignCap, you can do it in a simple and professional way.

How to design with Designcap
How to design with Designcap

You can create images for your social media:

  • Facebook covers and posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter headers and posts
  • YouTube channel covers and thumbnails
  • Pinterest graphics

You can create graphics for your company

  • Create invitations
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Create a logo
  • Flyers
  • Create blog banners
  • Create email headers

DesignCap prepares templates for each type of graphic project. As said, you will have the possibility to create anything. DesignCap also helps you pre-format the layout according to your needs

DesignCap offers thousands of templates already pre-formatted in the right size and ready to be modified by you.

Now I’ll teach you how to create your own graphic for a Facebook post.

As you will see among the various templates at your disposal, there is Facebook Post, a template category already optimized for the platform, with optimal dimensions 940px x 788px.

Let’s select it with the mouse. Well, we are finally in the heart of DesignCap.

DesignCap control panel


DesignCap provides you with many templates that you can modify as you like, a great tool to have examples and ideas for your Facebook post. Here too, part of the templates are free, others are paid.

A lot of shapes, photographs, illustrations, graphic icons ready to be included in your project. A very useful resource, you will really save a lot of time in your creation.


Search millions of photos from the library.

Do you already have images or graphics to add to your project? Well, you can upload by dragging your items from your PC directly to the DesignCap screen.

Now we come to the text elements. DesignCap puts you in writing and pre-formatted fonts. Hundreds of fonts will allow you to integrate the right writing for your graphics.

If you need a background for your graphics, you will have the possibility to insert colors or textures ready for use.

With the mouse, you can arrange your elements as you like. You will have the possibility to use a level for each element. This will allow you to put in the foreground or at the bottom any object of your graphic composition.

Format the text
Enter the text and keep its selection. On the pop-up text editing panel, you have the menu to change every aspect.

Fonts: you can select hundreds of fonts for your writing.
Change text size as needed.
Change the color of your writing.
Alignment text right / left / center.

Retouch your photos

Filter: you can edit your photos using filters ready to use or get a little more advanced by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and more with photo editing tools.

Crop: crop your photo
Flip: modify your image with the mirror transformation both vertically and horizontally

Share and publish
Share directly to your favorite social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Or save and share your designs using a generated URL.

My opinions
In my opinion, DesignCap.com is certainly a point of reference, if you need to create graphics for your online projects without too many pretensions. The amount of free layouts available and the ease of use allows you to have a powerful tool for your business.

The ability to load your graphic elements like your logo, your images give you endless possibilities for creation. The already pre-formatted templates are optimal for those with little graphic experience and are looking for an easy and creative tool.

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