Lil Baby Breaks Down How He Turned $60 Into $100K In A Week

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Lil Baby does not only have rapping skills but money skills, too.

Now a super successful rapper, Lil Baby grew up as Dominique Jones in Atlanta, Georgia, as the son of a single mother. His father left when he was just 2-years-old, leaving his mom to support the family, and Lil Baby was even arrested for possession with intent to sell while he was a teen. “The Bigger Picture” rapper may be worth around $4 million at present, but that was definitely not always the case. Still, Lil Baby’s sister recently revealed that her brother was always savvy when it came to money.

The 25-year-old had served time in prison for various drug charges, but his sister recalls how, after leaving jail, he once asked for $60 from his mother and two sisters — something that was very out of character. The ladies handed over $20 each and did not see the Grammy Award nominee for a week. When he returned, they were curious about his unkempt appearance and did some snooping in his room where the sisters discovered that their sibling had managed to turn the meager $60 into $100,000!

Lil baby

Many were curious about how Lil Baby managed to turn a 1,666% profit, so the rapper revealed his ways on Instagram. “Majority came from a dice game,” he said of the one hundred grand. “Probably put 60$ on 2k then I ain’t loose for a week straight.”

Lil Baby’s explanation may sound overly simplified, but this is also the guy whose second studio album, My Turn, just spent four weeks atop the US Billboard 200, and now charges $100,000 for a feature.

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