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Lil Baby Tried Patiently To Nail The Squid Games Challenge & Gifted His Mom A Jaguar

Lil Baby might need a roll in season 2 of Squid Games.

There’s no doubt that the world has become enamored with Netflix’s hit series Squid Game. In fact, the South Korean drama is now the company’s top show pulling in 111 million users in its first 28 days.

It has already attracted the attention of some rappers as well, like Meek Mill, who compared the show to hood poverty earlier this week. Lil baby has also caught the Squid Game fever and took his love of the show to the next level competing in a real-life Squid Games Challenge.

Yesterday, October 13, he visited a Pat’ N Moon sneaker store in his hometown of Atlanta and put his skills to the test. He took part in the honeycomb challenge, which has gone viral on social media with hundreds of memes being made. The honeycomb challenge aired as episode three of the show.

In the challenge, a person has to carve out a shape from a round piece of dalgona candy with a needle within the allotted time. You can’t make a single mistake. In the show, a single crack of the shape in the cookie resulted in death. As if the challenge wasn’t enough, Lil Baby had to carve out the most difficult of the four shapes, which was an umbrella. The same shape that the show’s eventual winner, Seong Gi-hun, had to.


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Since this was not a life or death situation as in the show, the prize on offer was a new pair of Off White x Nike Dunks. There’s still no word on whether he completed the challenge, but he’s alive and well.

This seems to be just something that the rapper is getting into outside or rapping. After all, he’s not in need of the cash after making $50 million already in his career. Earlier today, October 14, he bought a brand new Jaguar sports car for his mother, cash. As if that wasn’t enough, he also gifted her an iced-out Cuban link chain.


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