Lil Durk Teases New Music Before Deactivating Instagram Page


Lil Durk says he’s taking time off of social media.

Lil Durk is taking a bit of a break from social media. The rapper deactivated his account on Sunday night after teasing a snippet of new music on his page. Though fans might miss his presence on the ‘Gram, he explained that he’s taking a break from Instagram and Twitter to focus on his upcoming releases.

“Finna disappear for a minute,” he explained to fans. “I’m deactivating my page at 8 o’clock, man. It’s over with. Gonna lock in and come back a thousand times stronger. Some monster shit. Every time I pop back up, it’s that. Really him”

Prior to his departure from Instagram, he shared a snippet of new music on his Instagram page. “Threats to everybody I mean everybody,” he wrote.


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