Lil Wayne’s Huge Smoke Cloud At Lakers Virtual Crowd Went Viral

Lil Wayne went viral when his smoke cloud was caught on camera at Lakers NBA game.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine, all things virtual have become the new normal. For a while, those things were limited to classes for school and meetings for work, but it has since ventured into entertainment and sports. Athletes are back on the court in the NBA as the organizers of the league have coordinated a way for fans to buy tickets and watch online. The arrangement is pretty neat as spectators are placed in virtual seats and can see each other across the arena. During Friday night’s Lakers game, Lil Wayne was spotted in the crowd among a sea of onlookers cheering the players on.

The rapper seemed to think he was being discreet when he dodged his webcam or selfie camera momentarily to hit his blunt. However, he returned to exhale a huge puff of smoke in a very non-low-key sort of way. A video that surfaced online showing the rapper blowing the smoke cloud has since gone viral quickly garnering over 1 million views.

The rapper has reportedly become a regular at the online sporting event and was also spotted in the virtual crowd at another Los Angeles Lakers game earlier this month. Wayne was seen giving another Lakers fan seated next to him a virtual high-five after an awkward attempt to get her attention. His presence at the games often simulates celebrities getting highlighted on the jumbotron, which likens the experience to that of the real thing.

With everyone watching from home, it is expected that they’ll be able to tend to their personal endeavors while at the virtual game, and since Wayne is a known marijuana enthusiast, it is expected that his screen will be a bit cloudy at times. Check out the viral clip of the rapper below.


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