Love & Hip Hop: Safaree Turn Up In Jamaica As Erica Mena Remains In Hospital With Newborn


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Safaree is in Jamaica turning up for his birthday while Erica Mena is in the hospital with their newborn baby.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Safaree Samuels is coming under heavy fire from fans who are ripping him for enjoying his birthday in Jamaica. At the same time, his soon-to-be ex-wife Erica Mena struggles with their newborn in the NICU.

The Samuels are no doubt crashing and burning after just a little over a year of marriage, and things seem to have taken a turn for the worst when Erica announced that she was officially divorcing Safaree while being heavily pregnant. The divorce now seems to be only a matter of time, but for now, there is the very serious matter of their youngest facing complications after birth.

The mother of three updated her followers on how the past week and a half has been after giving birth. In a lengthy post to Instagram, Erica Mena described just how grueling her last ten days have been as she tries to stay strong for Legend Brian Samuels and her other two kids.

“So far five out of the ten days I felt lost. I’m feeling guilty, confused and scared,” she confessed to her fans.

The reality star also took some time to acknowledge the support she has been receiving through numerous phone calls and texts messages and also expressed her confusion on how to cope.

“I’ve been getting phone calls and receiving messages. I’m asked a million times how I’m doing and if I’m ok. But how can you be doing? Can you really be ok right now? BUT I Remind myself , they love me and they are reaching out BECAUSE they love me. They might not understand, but they want to. This journey I’m on, feels long. It has been tough. I’m taking steps forward, and I’m taking some back. I have good days, and I’m preparing for the bad ones.”

The 33 years old used the space to speak life and positivity into her life as she prophesied that her traumatic experience will be behind her soon.

“You will stop blaming yourself! This whole experience has taught how important it is to protect my peace. How important it is to turn my pain into power. It has also given me a different type of strength for not only me but my kids. King – Safire – Legend I promise you your mommy will make you proud. No more settling and fighting for anything that doesn’t deserve me only because you three forever deserve the best of me,” Erica wrote.

The muted video of Erica Mena clutching Legend has evoked countless heartfelt comments from fans and well-wishers. One comment that was clearly missing was that of Safaree.

The rapper celebrated his birthday on July 04, 2021, by hosting The Estate leg of the My Epic Weekend in Florida. Several videos have been circulating online showing Safaree in Jamaica learning some new dance moves. It has not yet been determined if it’s for an upcoming music video or just a part of his post-birthday celebrations.

The release of the clips has now added to a mountain of hate Safaree is getting after he came under fire for his comments on the first episode of the new season of Love and Hip Hop: New York. During the now-viral clip, Safaree expressed that he was unaware of just how difficult taking care of a child was.

One criticism of Safaree’s recent actions reads, “He’s reminds me of those guys who graduate high school but STILL act like they’re in high school. Can’t let that popularity mentality go.”

Another person added, “This situation is the definition of ‘you could’ve left me tf alone’ ‘cause why do allllll that pursuing just to leave that girl with a tolddler and an infant? Men just do anything.”

“While his son in the NICU. Smfh he doesn’t have it yet smh. When you become a parent fun comes last,” instructed another comment under the recent post.

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