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Megan Fox flaunts her six-pack and jokes about not working out.

Megan Fox flaunted a neon green two-piece on Instagram.

Megan Fox knows how to get people’s attention, as she’s made repeatedly clear with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. The two seem to love freaking everyone out, whether it be by drinking each other’s blood or chaining themselves to each other via fingernails.

But Fox doesn’t need MGK to get people looking, and she’s proven that with a new picture on Instagram. In the photo, she shows off her six-pack with a neon green two-piece that she wore to Machine Gun Kelly’s latest show. In the caption, she makes the outrageous claim, “I don’t exercise.”


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“If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor,” Fox continued in her caption, quoting the late comedian Joan Rivers. It’s clear Fox is joking, as the actor has actually been quite outspoken about her healthy lifestyle.

“I exercise really hard twice a week,” Fox told E! News back in 2014 only six months after she had given birth to her second child. She claimed that her routine included “bursts of cardio with really heavy weights” and that her diet was equally intense. The actor said that she had “cut out all bread and those sorts of carbohydrates. No crackers, no pretzels, no chips.” She went even further, claiming that she never ate “anything unhealthy” and that “the worst thing I put in my body is coffee once a day.”

Not even pregnancy stopped Fox from exercising. After her first child, Fox’s trainer said, “We worked out throughout her entire pregnancy,” and added that Fox “educated herself big time and had a great relationship with her physician so she really understood the safe boundaries of how to exercise and eat well during pregnancy.” So it’s safe to say Fox’s caption has been debunked.


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