Mohbad: Meet Zinoleesky & 6 Other Nigerian Artists Signed to Naira Marley’s Label “Marlian Music”

Zinoleesky and 6 Other Nigerian Artists Signed to Naira Marley’s Label Marlian Music

Record labels have become a bedrock of modern-day music, and getting signed to one of the popular ones is no easy feat.

Marlian Music is one of the most famous record labels in Nigeria. It was formed in 2019 by controversial Streetpop artist Afeez Fashola, known as Naira Marley.

Since its creation, it has signed numerous singers, creatives and artists, with many of them emerging as proper stars in the Nigerian music industry.

However, the recent controversy surrounding the death of former Marlian music signee Mohbad has lifted an eyelid on some of the label’s activities and management.

Naijahotstars.com, in this article, has compiled a list of some of the artists still signed to the label, which the public might need to keep a close eye on.

1. Zinoleesky joined Naira Marley’s label in 2019:

Oniyide Azeez, famously known as Zinoleesky, is arguably the most successful artist at the record label.

He joined Marlian Music in December 2019, and since then, he has dropped two successful albums and two EPs.

The singer and songwriter, born on April 21, 2000, is one of the four artists the Marlian label signed in 2019, along with the recently deceased Mohbad.

He is regarded as one of the stalwarts of the embattled label. However, since the Mohbad scandal started, Zino has changed the name of the record label that he works with from Marlian Music to Zinonoymous.

2. CBlvck is one of the 2019 quadruplets:

Cblvck or CBlack, either way, you choose to spell it. They are both pronounced the same, according to Marlian signee.

Olamilekan Kazeem Qudus is one of the stalwarts of the record label, signed in 2019 after its successful launch.

Just like Zinoleesky and Mohbad, CBlvck is also a Streetpop artist, but he has yet to have the type of success those two have been able to pull.

Recall that during the quarrel between Naira Marley, Marlian Music and Mohbad, CBlvck was one of the names the deceased singled out and slammed.

3. Fabian Blu is the last of the 2019 quartet:

Inim Fabian, also known as Fabian Blu, is the last of the founding artists Naira Marley signed to his record label during its inception in 2019.

He hails from Akwa-Ibom and was the first artist to call out the label. Just months after signing with the label, he took to social media to slam Naira Marley and the management of Marlian Music.

In his calling out, Fabian slammed the label for not promoting him as much as they were promoting the other guys, including Zinoleesky and Mohbad.

However, the final details of Fabian Blu are unknown at the moment; whether he exited the label without any animosity are details the public isn’t privy to.

4. Tori Keeche, the first female artist signed by Marlian Music:

Tori Keeche is regarded by many as the first lady of the record label. She is the first female artist to sign with Marlian Music.

She joined Naira Marley’s label on August 23, 2020. Tori recently went online to blast Nollywood actress Iyabo for calling her out amidst the Mohbad saga.

Tori Keeche noted that she has no hands in the tragic death of the young singer and is still a young, upcoming artist trying to pull her life together.

5. Lyta leaves YBNL and joins Marlian Music:

Another famous Streetpop artist who famously signed with Marlian Music is former YBNL signee Lyta.

He joined Naira Marley’s record label in 2021 after leaving Olamide’s YBNL in 2018 under controversial circumstances.

He is one of the famous faces at the label who wasn’t one of the founding quartets.

6. Emo Grae is one of the second generation of signees:

The young singer and songwriter Emo Grae is one of the second generation of signees who joined Naira Marley’s record label in 2020. A year after the founding quartet joined.

However, his time at the label has been relatively free of controversies, and he has some hits to his name, including Amazing, Freaky, Gone and 0903

7. Vusic is the youngest artist on the label:

Vusic is the youngest artist publicly known artist signed to Marlian Music. He joined Naira Marley’s music academy in 2023 after the label’s big fracas with Mohbad

He is more of an Afropop singer, not the Streetpop the label is more famous for. He has a couple of singles to his name and was noted to be working on his first body of work, which is supposed to drop later this year.



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