My name is Ayomide Inufin, but a lot of people around me prefer to call me Ayomide D’great. I am a proud Nigerian, I hail from the sleepy Town of Ayegunle-gbede in Kogi state, North-central, Nigeria.

I was born, bred and educated in the ancient city of Ibadan; Oyo State where I’ve spent most of my lifetime and still spending. I’m from a mixed family as my parents are slightly from different ethnic groups and their mother tongue clearly differs.

My mother is a Yoruba woman, she hails from Igbara-oke, Ondo State and my Father from Ayegunle-gbede, Kogi state of the Nigerian middle-belt. During my educational years, I was opportuned to make friends with several Ibos; Obinna Nwabueze, Success Uwa, Chidinma Megwaonye to mention but a few.

Upon graduation from the University of Ibadan as a certified librarian and information scientist, I was posted up-north; Zamfara State; precisely for national youth service. This exposure allowed me explore the extension of my habitation as a Nigerian. I was privileged to make friends with Hausas; Hussein Malami, Hassan Sadio, Tukur Al-ameen to mention a few of them.

The friendliness and hospitality I received in this part of Nigeria shows how amazing and great a human northerners are; as opposed to the usual inhospitable stereotype.

Furthermore, my years of work experience have given me the opportunity to meet and make memorable memories with the Fulanis, Efiks, Tivs, Ibibios, Urobos and other diverse Nigerians and my encounter changed every stereotype about them I grew up with. In all my experiences, meetings and being a Nigerian, I have understood the power of diversity and the great effect of unity, it is of no doubts that Nigeria is a true epitome of the aforesaid. It has been beautiful being a Nigerian.

Naturally, diversity comes with a lot of complexities and to a great extent, it is worthy of creating a huge difference between more than one entity, hence, it is expected that its qualities don’t radiate the aura of oneness, let alone create a sense of togetherness, however, on a contrary, Nigeria; a nation of great diversity, blessed with several cultures, customs, tongues, traits, tribes and traditions remain an exception to the aforementioned ideology.

The inception of Nigeria is flawlessly phenomenal as it is by nature almost impossible to bring different people together while they live in peace and harmony.

It is safe to say that Nigerians have been living together long before amalgamation, even much longer before its establishment. History is a perfect storyteller, it tells how much cultural diffusion has been a core of Nigeria, and it can be affirmatively said that it is one of the reasons why the colonial master deemed it necessary to integrate the then protectorates.

The bond began to wax stronger, ever since, to the point that a nation was jointly founded.

The journey started immaculately and the joy of a united independence was enjoyed, alas! The nation hit her rock bottom but still, she rose; amidst the turbulent time of the 1966 coup détat, the country stood strong and her people stood even stronger.

She had her 3 years of mild misunderstanding and by 1970, the war was over and unity became of her, again. More and more again, unity became her mantra as a national service for youths was established in 1973 to foster cohesion and national unity after the civil war (1967-1970) and it is clearly undoubtable that the program has been a core effect to national unity and intimacy which has over the decades birthed mutual inter-tribal relationships, agriculture, art, cultural diffusion, marriage, politics, trade and commerce as well as habitation.

The aforementioned have played immense roles in ensuring the togetherness of this great nation, Nigeria.

In this togetherness, Nigeria as…

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