Nakeeyat at 10: Recent Beautiful Photos Of The Phenomenally Talented Poet

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Young thriving Ghanaian poet, Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, is definitely a fashion goddess even at a very young age.

From emerging as the winner of the 10th season of Tv3’s Talented Kidz in 2019, the polished poet never seems to disappoint when it comes to fashion and style. She wins the hearts of viewers when she steps on stage as well as stealing the eyes of her fervent followers on social media with her stunning looks and cute self.

This piece highlights 10 admirable looks of Nakeeyat the Poet.

1. Nakeeyat rocks ocean blue dress

The adorable Nakeeyat also doubles as an infleuncer. She rocked a jumpsuit from a Ghanaian fashion house, Royal Couture. The ocean blue material for the jumpsuit sparkled which made her stand out. The scarf that wrapped around her waist which dropped to the floor highlighted her entire look.

2. Nakeeyat rocks queenmother-like outfit

In celebration of African Union (AU) Day, she wore an outfit that made her look like a queenmother. She was wrapped in a piece of cloth as she wore an African print dress beneath. She had a lot of beads around her neck and on her two wrists.

Her hair was held in a ponytail. The only makeup she had was a lip gloss. She wore a beautiful smile that made her look complete.

3. Influencer Nakeeyat slays in African print gown

She looked extremely gorgeous in a custom-made outfit from Royal Couture. It was a green fabric that had a touch of purple.

She looked truly African with her cornrows and no makeup look.

4. Queenmother Nakeeyat

She looked like a queenmother that could rule a whole state. The fabric type and texture as well as the type of beads she wore for the Global Junior Munplus Conference is one for the books.

She looked very elegant and composed for the occasion. Nakeeyat the Poet is truly a queen.

5. The poet slays in pink dress

This pink dress looked beautiful on her. It was a fitting pink lace dress that had two layers of peplum ends from the knee to her ankles.

The outfit is from the Obaa Collection of Royal Couture, and she wore it elegantly.

6. Nakeeyat rocks strawberry pink dress

She looked beautiful in this outfit which made her look like a fairytale princess. She looked chic and elegant wearing the pair of high heels. The setting for the shoot was off the top with artistic mirror and the accessories on the table top counter.

7. Nakeeyat at 10 birthday shoot

Celebrating her 10th birthday, she wore a star-studded golden dress. The queen that she is, Nakeeyat wore a tiara on her head. Her makeup was natural and flawless.

8. Nakeeyat at 10 birthday shoot: Second oufit

Her second look for her birthday was exquisite. It was a blue dress that had a mixture of kente print used to design the outfit. Her fierce look together with the flawless makeup sparked up her overall look.


9. 10 years of God’s Grace and favour

It still Nakeeyat at 10 celebration. Nakeeyat is a Muslim by religion. She rocked a Muslim attire for the day. She wrapped her head with a scarf.

10. Casual look

She wore a casual look on this particular day. Her purple high heeled boots was off-the-top. She wore an army green dress with a touch of black.


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