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Natural Remedies: 5 benefits of ewedu (jute) leaves

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Ewedu is a delicacy special to the Yorubas of South Western Nigeria eaten with stew and Amala (yam flour).

Ewedu is also combined with another soup called gbegiri to make the combination ewedu and gbegiri.

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Ewedu is also eaten in other African countries and it is called Ayoyo in Ghana.

Typically, Ewedu is made either by blending or breaking it down with a broom and it has the following benefits;

The high fibre content in ewedu or jute leaves helps with digestion and appetite. You feel full and won’t feel hungry for a long while. High fibre food also helps you detox and pass waste easily.

Ewedu or jute leaves contain calcium that is good for your jawbone and teeth and makes them stronger. It prevents bacteria from growing in your gums, and bacteria are responsible for most toothaches and plaques.

If you are having issues sleeping, ewedu leaves might be just what you need. Jute leaves contain magnesium that releases hormones that makes one feel relaxed and soothe nerves. Taking jute leaves can make your sleep restful and longer.

Vitamin C is present in jute leaves, and it helps to fight the virus responsible for cold and the flu.

Eye problems can be caused by certain nutritional deficiencies including Vitamin B6 and Folates. Jute leaves have a good proportion of these nutrients that helps to maintain healthy eyes.

You can blend jute leaves and take it as a smoothie or you can make it into a soup as the Yorubas do.


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