Nicki Minaj Explains On Why She Turned Down Doja Cat Collab


Nicki Minaj said she declined a feature on one of Doja Cat’s songs because she didn’t feel she had anything to add to the song as it was already good on its own.

While speaking on a Twitter Space discussion on how she decides what to collaborate on, Nicki Minaj disclosed the reason she did not feature on “Get Into It (Yuh).” Fans previously thought that Nicki was beefing with Doja Cat since she unfollowed a host of artists, including Doja and Megan Thee Stallion, last year.

However, Nicki Minaj says she has a lot of love for Doja Cat, who coincidentally gave her a shout-out towards the end of the song “Get Into It (Yuh).”

“It’s not that I’m too busy at all, it’s just that there were, like, middle people involved in that situation so I had told her, if it was like how me and BIA were direct and we talked to each other directly, but I didn’t love that song [“Get Into It”] because I didn’t think I could bring anything to it,” said Nicki in response to a fan asking if she was too busy to appear on Doja’s album.

“So I asked them to send me something else. I think that was the second song they sent me, I asked them to send me something else and they didn’t send me anything else.”

Another fan pointed out that Doja’s song samples Nicki’s “Massive Attack,” which was released in 2010, to which Nicki said she didn’t really “like” that song. “No,” she continued before the fan can interrupt, “I love that song!”

Fans of both Doja and Nicki Minaj have been calling for a collaboration and even wanted Nicki to appear on Planet Her. In spite of what the expectations are, it seems that fans will have to wait a little more, and for sure, Doja Cat might be in the works when the Queen releases new music because, based on her explanation, there’s no beef with the two of them.


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