Nicki Minaj Sends Subs After Papa Bear’s Real Name Was Allegedly Leaked

Nicki Minaj isn’t playing when it comes to her son whose name she hasn’t officially released, only calling him Papa Bear since birth.

Holding back the name, however, hasn’t stopped obsessed fans and even her fren-enemies from wanting to know the child’s name. Last weekend, Nicki Minaj threw subliminal shots at someone fans presumed is the owner of a gossip blog on IG who was rumored to be once close to Nicki Minaj but has now apparently ditched her friendship with the Barbz leader and is now allegedly friends with Cardi B.

The gossip blog also allegedly charged fans money to reveal the name of Nicki’s son. However, reports are that the name she revealed- Alphonso is not accurate.

Nicki hinted that she had a conversation with the person in question. “Spoke to shawty & switched up. Let’s Play Ball. That obsession so real,” Nicki tweeted on her official account.

She added- “All you gotta do say Queen name for them to be on ur phone everyday child. Lmao. Say it with me y’all. #WhoGODBless #NoManCanCurse you will soon understand.”

She also seemed to directly address the unnamed person to who her messages were aimed at.

“Everyone, I wish you peace & love. Once you have that within, everything changes. Ppl pretend to be happy but spend day & night trying to hurt & attack others. What does that tell you? The ppl closest to you saying ur obsessed. Get it together. Onika is going to be happy boo,” She said in third-person reference to herself.

Nicki Minaj has been quiet and off the scene since the birth of her son almost a year ago. The rapper had initially kept her pregnancy a secret and has been super private with her son, only revealing snippets of him. Last week she shared an update that at 11 months old, he had taken his first steps and also said his first word – “hi” during a family video.

Nicki hasn’t confirmed the name for her son, but she has, however, added in her bio the name “Alphonso,” possibly to troll those obsessed with her.

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