Nicki Minaj Teases Big Announcement This Week, Fans Think She’s Pregnant Again

Nicki Minaj says she will be making a big announcement on Thursday via Instagram Live.

Barbz everywhere are waiting in anticipation this week after Nicki Minaj dropped a tantalizing teaser for her fans on Tuesday, July 6th. The rap star took to Instagram to share a one-second clip of herself posing for the camera with hot pink hair and nails to match.

Nicki Minaj captioned the post with several siren emojis and the words, “There’s something I urgently need to share w/you guys. I’ll go LIVE on IG THURSDAY @ 10:30 EST. No, I won’t be late. In fact, I’ll be early. This is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Love you guys so much.” She ended her post with a few magical emojis, including a unicorn and a pink bow.

Nicki fans quickly blew up the comment section of her post, writing things like, “CAWLLING ALL BARBZ CAWLLING ALL BARBZ! ANNOUNCEMENT ON THURSDAY!!!” Followers also threw out guesses about what the announcement might entail, including a new album and news about her forthcoming docuseries. Others theorized that the mother of one might be pregnant again.

Many of the commenters were just skeptical about her ability to show up on time, given her history of late arrivals to her own scheduled IG Lives. No matter the reason, the post garnered a great deal of attention, even making the phrase “Nicki is Coming” become a trending topic on Twitter.

During one of those appearances last month, Minaj did suggest that something new and exciting was in the works, saying, “When I make that announcement, that’s when I’ma go live again and pop a different level of sh*t.” In that same Livestream, Nicki referenced a new album in the works, saying, “This album will definitely be my best album of all time thus far.”

While many of her fans are praying for the album to drop, others are looking forward to her HBO Max docuseries and think the announcement may have something to do with the project, which is said to delve into Nicki’s personal life. We will all just have to stay tuned to find out and hope that she shows up to her own announcement on time.


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