Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Nigerian men are in high demand abroad – Lady testifies

According to her, Nigerian men are in high demand abroad, and sometimes the female counterparts get forgotten.

“No one asked me out when I was in the abroad well except from this Pakistani and we know why.
Nigerian men are in high demand outside the country , sometimes the female counterpart gets forgotten.
So what do you do, start moving with white chics for you to be noticed.” She tweeted.

She continued saying that the Nigerian men abroad also want to secure their future, so you can’t blame them.

“You become active in RCCG/Winners church near you (Atleast you will meet a naija guy there) .
Strategic positioning on Snapchat and IG story,attend Nigerian parties.
The naija guy next to you doesn’t want you either, baba wants to secure his future so you can’t blame him.”

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