“No points proven, she is the winner of all time”- Actress Iheme Nancy slams Tacha Akide for shading Mercy Eke

Actress Iheme Nancy slams Tacha Akide for shading Mercy Eke
Actress Iheme Nancy slams Tacha Akide for shading Mercy Eke

Iheme Nancy, a Nollywood actress and ardent supporter of Mercy Eke, has criticized Tacha Akide for subtly making fun of her following her defeat at the BBNaija All Stars competition.

Ilebaye won the All Stars show on Sunday night, defeating Mercy Eke, Ceec, Pere, Cross, and Adekunle to claim the crown. Despite widespread expectations that Mercy Eke would triumph, the reality star finished first runner-up.

Tacha, a fervent admirer of Ilebaye, reacted by criticizing Mercy, saying that she had proven her point and questioning whether she had made it plain that Mercy wouldn’t have won her season if it weren’t for her disqualification.

Mercy Eke received more votes than Tacha during their season, which incensed Iheme Nancy, who called her out for it.

She claimed that Mercy continued to be the overall winner, therefore the reality star was unable to make any valid arguments.

She praised Mercy Eke’s supporters as being the most devoted and said that Mercy is the most altruistic person she knows.

“No point proven on God. @official_mercyeke winner of all time. Most selfless person I’ve ever known. Goodnight. Strongest Fanbase ever”.

In a previous post, Iheme Nancy noted how Mercy was never disqualified and remains a winner despite her loss.

She noted how despite the gang-up, Mercy came 1st, as she praised her for being the Queen mother, mothering all mothers.

“At least she was not disqualified. Once a winner is always a winner. Even though we knew the winner since last night”.

“Even with the gang up, we came 1st. … if e easy, run am

The mother that mothered their mother ….. her name is Mercy Eke”.


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