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No Website Require – Make As High As $20 With Your Mobile Phone Hurry Now!!!

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Nigeria is one of the most populous countries worldwide. In the most recently measured period, there were almost 85 million mobile internet users in Nigeria, and mobile phone internet usage is particularly popular.

The country is considered a mobile-first market where infrastructure and online usage development skipped wide-ranging desktop PC adoption and went straight to mobile internet usage via inexpensive smartphones instead.

With almost three-quarters of Nigerian web traffic being generated via smartphones, Nigeria ranks at the top of the list of African countries based on the share of traffic via mobile. Other African markets with a similar share of mobile online traffic are Sudan and Ghana.

We are all addicted to our smartphones, to the internet, and to social media, but why not monetize some of that time you’re spending on the phone, instead of wasting it all on social media?

You could make around $20 per hour and completely manage on your phone. These money-making apps allow you to work from home or on the go, to make money fast, without a lot of work.

Here are a few great apps that let you do that:

1. JustAnswer

With JustAnswer, you can make $20-$50 per question that you answer.

These questions can be about all sorts of things, but you will need to sign up as an expert in a certain field that you specialize in.

So in other words, you’ll get law-related questions if you sign up as a lawyer or an expert in that field.

It’s not always easy to get accepted (10-12% acceptance rate), but if you do, you can make A LOT of money in some situations.

For instance, this RV repairman has earned $20,000 per month just answering questions on JustAnswer about RV repair.

Also, you keep 50% of whatever customers pay you per answer while the other half goes to the site.

And of course, you get paid via PayPal.


2. Userlytics

Userlytics is another great app to make money online via PayPal.

With Userlytics, you get paid to test websites and apps. You might look for bugs, design flaws, test user-friendliness, etc. As far as pay, You can earn $5-$90 per review.

You can also get started as early as 16 years old.

You can download Userlytics App for Android or iOS devices below.


3. Field Agent

With Field Agent, you can get paid for audits, research, mystery shopping, product trials, etc.

You basically go around town, walk-in stores, and take pictures or give feedback as a mystery shopper.

You can make up to $20 per gig which a lot of times will take around 30 minutes each.

And you get paid via PayPal within 48 hours of completing a gig.

You can download Field Agent App for Android or iOS devices below.

4. Gigwalk

If you think Field Agent sounds interesting, Gigwalk is very similar.

You have a map that shows you where gigs are located and how much they pay, then you just pick one and go do it.

The work is very similar to Field Agent, which is basically mystery shopping.

With Gigwalk, you can potentially earn more per hour than Field Agent because gigs pay from $3 to $50+ each via PayPal.

You can sign up for Gigwalk if you’re in the U.S., U.K., or Canada.

You can download Gigwalk App for Android or iOS devices below.

5. Observa

The last of the mystery shopping-style apps that pay you via PayPal is Observa.

Again, it’s very similar to Field Agent and Gigwalk as far as what you’re doing (taking pictures of storefronts, giving feedback on customer experience, etc.).

The difference with Observa is you can get paid $4-$20 per gig via PayPal or Bitcoin.

You can also be either in the U.S. or Canada to use the app.

You can download Observa App for Android or iOS devices below.

6. Rover

If you love pets, you can make around $20 per hour in some cases with an app called Rover.

With Rover, you can get paid to walk dogs, board pets, check on pets, etc.

You get to set your own prices, but you can expect rates in this ballpark:

  • Around $40 per night of sitting/boarding
  • About $20 per 30 min. walk
  • Around $30 per 60 min. walk

Rover claims that many people make an extra $1000 or so per month on the side with this app.

You can download Rover App for Android or iOS devices below.


If you are pretty social media savvy, you can get the MNFST app and make money online from sponsorships.

With MNFST, you sign up for free and are given a social influence score based on your following size, average post engagement, etc. on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

As this score goes up, you can get paid more money per sponsorship post.

So in other words, you get to be a social media influencer without needing to have a huge following or find sponsors the old-fashioned way.

You also get paid via PayPal within 24 hours of completing a gig.

You can download MNFST App for Android or iOS devices below.



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