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PINK FLOYD’S ROGER WATERS Trends on Google for Weighing In an Argument with CNN Host [Full Details Inside]

In a contentious discussion regarding who is really to blame for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Roger Waters claimed that the U.S. and NATO are to blame.

RW took the stance that not everything is as it seems when it comes to who is to blame for the war continuing this long when he sat down with Michael Smerconish on his weekend show, and they were also arguing over Ukraine and China.

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Watch, he claims that by not forcing Zelensky to reach a peace agreement with Putin and by continuing to support/finance their military efforts (Ukraine’s, that is), we, the United States, are somewhat to blame for the conflict continuing.

Smerconish pushes back on that, pointing out that Roger appears to be blaming the invaded nation. But there, too, Roger doubles down, asserting that the situation has existed for far longer than a year and that NATO has fanned the fires.


When Roger is told that America must intervene and act as “liberators,” he kind of snaps, claiming they have no place in the world and even disputing that they weren’t intending to enter World War II until the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Last but not least, they also discuss Taiwan, and Roger once more takes the opposing stance that, despite what the United States might think, the country does, in fact, belong to the People’s Republic.

He comes across as being highly pro-China/pro-Russia, at least that’s the general perception on Twitter, and the guy is getting aggressively criticized for it. Roger, though, seems to have a fixed perspective.

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