Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pusha T says the industry is taking advantage of Kanye West when it comes to clearing samples

Pusha T says Kanye West is being treated like a cash cow in the music industry.

The G.O.O.D Music president is using his time in the limelight since dropping his latest album, It’s almost Dry, to highlight a cause that is dear to his heart. During a recent interview with Vulture, the rapper said that when it comes to clearing samples, most in the industry take advantage of Kanye West because of his weight in the game.

The two have collaborated and worked together extensively over the years, and Pusha T said he had a front seat to see the type of ludicrous deals that have to be made when it comes to clearing samples.

“I’ve never seen people take advantage of a situation like they do when it comes to clearing samples for this guy,” he revealed. It seems it was no different for Kanye this time around, who, along with Pharrell Williams, produced Pusha T’s most recent album.

King Push said he was appalled when working with Ye at how stressful, tough, tedious, and annoying a process, it is when it comes to samples. The “Dreamin of the Past” rapper said he had never seen people take advantage of a situation like they do when it comes to clearing samples for Ye.

So much so, he admitted that he tried to hide the fact he was involved because as soon as his name came up, it became a feeding frenzy.

“It’s almost like they know he literally doesn’t give a f**k. He’ll be like, ‘Okay, well, great. They want 97 percent of the record. Give it to them! I want the record.’ People come up with the most outlandish rates and numbers,” he added.

Pusha T believes that Ye’s approach to clearing samples must be known in the industry, which he believes causes greed when it comes to him wanting to sample other artistes work.

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