Queen Naija Gifted Her Boyfriend Clarence White A Corvette For His Birthday

Queen Naija and Clarence White are definitely couple goals! Last night their true fans were presented with another sweet moment from which to copy and implement into their own lives.

Clarence White rang in his big 27 yesterday, and his Queen didn’t falter in ensuring he had a day to remember. Like true royalty, she provided her man with a brand new flaming chariot. That is just our way of describing the shiny, white Corvette that she got for him. Along with the sweet new ride, White also got a moving tribute from his woman.

“Happy birthday to the drippiest, realest, wisest, most attractive, best beard having, juicy lips having, ps5 playing .. man I ever met,” she wrote. “I love you so much babe you’re getting old! 27, and more to go @clarencenyc .. let’s get lit tonight,” and judging by White’s latest Instagram post, we can safely say that their night was indeed “lit.”

Clarence Queen Naija

During October White shared with his 2 million Youtube subscribers that he picked up a brand new Lamborghini Urus. His Corvette should fit nicely against his brand new truck. The popular Youtuber was more than ecstatic about his gift, and also took to Instagram to share just how he felt. He also made mention of how he was lured outside by Naija.

“Last night was really a movie,” White captioned a clip of his new ride. “I was in the middle of taking DDG money in pool and queen was like here I got you this jacket because it’s gonna be cold outside but I’m like I ain’t going outside it’s freezing lmao.She like you gonna wanna go outside I go outside and my baby got me a corvette and put forgiatos on that sh*t and put my name in the headrest im lost for words but you the realest and I LOVE YOU 4L.”

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