Rapper, Speed Darlington cries out after his sister was physically abused by her husband

Popular rapper, Speed Darlington has raised an alarm and at the same time called on people to help track down his sister’s husband whom he claims physically abused her.


The entertainer took to his Instagram page to share some photos of his sister which revealed that she was mercilessly battered.


Speed noted that this brother-in-law of his has for long been denied entry into the United States of America by his family because he disrespected their mother and out of frustration, he chose to unleash his anger on his sister after tricking her to come back to Nigeria.

He also placed a reward of N50,000 for anyone who can provide valid and accurate information needed in tracking him down.


Sharing some photos of his sister and her husband, he wrote:

“Help me save my sister my only begotten sister is in danger this is not a joke I need information leading to the arrest of the monster that did this to her his last known location was Abuja please help me help my sister. Swipe left to see his pictures, She’s married to a devil that disrespect my mother and I and we both swear that he will never ever see America and when he realizes the reality the fact that no matter what he does we quench it because we realize that he came for American paper he never came for love since we realize this we quench every avenue so now he asked my sister to come back to Nigeria without knowing it was a Trap to punish my sister for not bringing him to America. True love is not supposed to be painful look how he beat my sister as if she has nobody any information leading to his physical location in Abuja 50,000 naira reward for you 🙏🏿 help me help my sister please 🙏🏿”

See the post below:


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