Rashford vows to fight for ‘special generation’ after royal honour



Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford on Tuesday pledged to pursue his campaign to help disadvantaged children after he was presented with honour by Prince William.

Rashford, 24, was recognised for his high-profile campaign to ensure children from under-privileged backgrounds did not go hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.

The England international was given an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) medal at a Windsor Castle ceremony by William, who also serves as president of the Football Association.

Rashford said he would give the MBE — an award to recognise achievement and service to the country — to his mother Melanie, who raised him and his four siblings.

He said his motivation was to give Britain’s children the things he did not have when growing up and stressed every youngster deserved an “opportunity”.

“It seems like there’s a lot going on but for me to put it in the simplest way, I’m trying to give children the things I didn’t have when I was kid. If I did have, I would have been much better off and had many more options in my life,” Rashford said.

“I’m just giving them the opportunity and I think they deserve the opportunity. What child doesn’t? For me it’s a punishment for them not to be getting things like meals or supplies of books.

“They are small changes but they become big changes once you see the rewards of it. I see a generation that’s coming after me as a very special generation.

“They just need a bit of guidance and pointing in the right direction and what I’m doing is giving them that.”

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