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Raz-B Fears His Life In Danger In Frantic IG Live Video Over Police Raid

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Singer Raz-B is thanking fans for their concerns after he shared a video where he franticly claimed that police walked into his home without a warrant and expressed fear for his life.

The B2K singer, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, sparked concern on Sunday night after uploading a video of himself having a meltdown in a closet where he cowered in fear of police. According to the singer, the men in his home were police officers, but he was afraid for his life.

“The police are at my door. They walked past my door step. I need help. I need help. No, I’m not safe. The f*ck*ng police – Shana, Shana, Shana call everybody you know. The police just walked in my crib.”

On the verge of tears, he continued, “I’m not good. I’m getting offline. My address is 1160 Hammond Drive. The police are here at my f****ng door and they walked past the doorstep for whatever reason.”

Raz-B told his followers that they should bail him out ASAP if he was arrested because he fears his life might be in danger.

“I’m f****ng scared. My address is – I promise you, I’m in my room. 1160 Hammond Drive. I do have a warrant out for my arrest here, that’s not why they’re here,” he added.

Social media users shared concern for his well-being and mental state on Monday, with many worrying about him being a black man and the possible consequences of police entering his home and being possibly armed.

The former B2K member, however, shared a message to his fans where he thanked them for their concern and noted that the police were called because he was spotted unconventionally entering his home and sparking the neighbors to call the police.

“I would like to personally thank all of my fans and supporters for helping me and being concerned about my well-being. At around 1:30 a.m. this morning, I realized I unfortunately locked myself out of my apartment when arriving home from an event. I was able to enter after several attempts, however someone did contact the local officials. I was able to speak with the police chief and explain the situation. He was an angel and all is well now,” he wrote.

Raz-B added, “You can only imagine how I felt being an African-American male in today’s society, and you have the police randomly knock on your door in the middle of the night. Once again, I sincerely apologize if I startled anyone and thank you once again for prayers and concerns.”

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